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Everleigh Ashcroft

Upcoming Novels

Can't wait to read Everleigh's next suspense-filled novel? Anxious to find out what's coming soon? We hear you, readers! Enjoy this page full of previews of Everleigh's upcoming novels, each one due for publication on Amazon, Barns & Noble, and Wattpad within the next two years!

Murderer for Hire

Coming in 2021

As a prominent figure in Senator Calvin Marcus's Washington D.C. office, Karalee Toscano wears the weight of the political world on her shoulders. Fresh out of law school, she was lucky to capture the Senator's attention and begin what she thought would be an exciting new career. That is, until she discovered the salacious scandals Senator Marcus is wrapped up in. Even worse - he expects Karalee to aid in his criminal activity, threatening to end her chances of furthering her career otherwise.

Despite Karalee reluctantly complying with the Senator's requests, both her life and career are quickly starting to unravel, and she soon finds out that Senator Marcus has some very determined enemies who've mistaken her for being a willing participant in his web of deceit.

Brant Hawkins is a career criminal looking for a way out of his seemingly inescapable past. He's just been released from prison and wants nothing more to do with running from danger. But when Brant ends up saving Karalee's life, he finds himself transplanted right back into the world of crime, unable to shake off the temptation to protect her.

Feverishly drawn to one another, Brant and Karalee come to an agreement: he'll play bodyguard for her if she'll play attorney for him. 

Out of Breath

Five years after the death of her partner, former Crossfire agent McKenna Holloway has left behind the life of gunfights and espionage for a quiet, solitary one in the country, far away from anywhere her enemies would expect to find her. She's hidden her identity exceptionally well, changing everything from her appearance to her name, but one man will stop at nothing to find and destroy the only person left who could solidify the case against him for Carmen Santos' murder.

When a threat is received by McKenna's former teammates at Crossfire Security, lead agent Stephen Decker makes it his personal mission to seek out his former nemesis and warn her about the looming danger. But when McKenna turns down Stephen's offer for protection, he refuses to take no for an answer, deciding to prove his worth to the woman he'd butted heads with since day one. 

I Did Something Bad

Coming 2021

Sutton White is on the verge of losing everything. Her bills are piling up, her rent is unpaid, and the bank is unwilling to loan her any more money. But just as she's ready to give up hope, her best friend, Sandra, makes a bold suggestion: that Sutton should go into Sandra's racy line of work and try nude modeling to get cash quickly. Initially intimidated by the act of posing naked for strangers, Sutton says the idea is too radical for her taste; but after a few more glances at the absurd amount of debt she's acquired, that wild suggestion starts to sound a little more reasonable.

Ashton Pratt is on the verge of nailing his dream job of running the commercial photography company he's worked for since his junior year of college. The CEO plans to step down in a matter of weeks, and rumors are flying that Ashton is getting a hard consideration for his replacement. Trying his damnedest to impress all the right people to land the job, Ashton makes it a point not to do the slightest thing wrong until the evaluation period is complete. But the task to play Mr. Perfect for his peers proves to be not just difficult, but downright impossible, the moment he lays eyes on the ravishing new model he's supposed to photograph.

There's an instant attraction between Sutton and Ashton, and no matter how hard they try to deny it, that sizzle just won't burn out. But when a too-tempting dare turns into a salacious affair, reputations and careers are put on the line, secrets are exposed, and hearts are in danger of getting broken. What if word gets out about Sutton's naked escapades? Will Ashton be able to acquire the promotion? And how long can the two keep their relationship hidden before a foe finds out?

Play with Fire

Coming 2022

Her name is Delanie - or is it? Aubrey Hamilton made the potentially fatal mistake of falling for Jeremy Callahan, a man with direct ties to the most murderous gang leader in Denver, Jase Mitchell. She has no idea what type of man she'd been dating until she finds out he's dead. Even worse - she's next.

In a rush of panic and desperation, Aubrey changes her identity in hopes of outwitting and evading her potential killers. The plan was a good one until Delanie Shepherd, Aubrey's new identity, turns out to be a wanted felon on the run. As fate would have it, Aubrey and the real Delanie run into each other, creating a firestorm of drama.

Both women are being chased and desperately need help. They enlist the assistance of drop-dead-gorgeous Brennan Cavender, Jase's right hand man. Joining forces, the three unlikely friends make a plan to save each other and outrun the guns of their enemies. Even in the wildest of situations, romance can blossom. But does Brennan have ulterior motives?

His Last Second Chance

Coming in 2022

Six years and one failed marriage after Tyler Shepherd broke Nina Price's heart, Nina has moved away and started rebuilding the crumpled pieces of her life. She'd fallen madly in love with Tyler, but once he'd begun causing trouble with the law, one line crossed too far had been the last straw. As much as it had destroyed her heart to leave him, Nina knew it was for the best.

Working at her grandmother's flower shop and planning to finish up her degree, Nina is finally finding her long-desired happiness. However, the last person she expected to see in her new hometown was the boy who crushed her heart at eighteen. No matter how much Nina wants to push her fresh-out-of-prison former lover away, no man has ever tugged at her heartstrings the way Tyler does.

Unable to avoid him any longer, Nina becomes caught in the middle of Tyler's dangerous lifestyle. Her heart - and her body - ache to be with him again, but she can't help wondering if people ever really change. 

How to Seduce a Cop

Coming in 2022

Ashley Stone is on the brink of success. She's made a star-studded name for herself as Cleveland's knockout hard-hitting reporter, but she isn't ready to stop there. Ashley has huge goals, and at the top of her to-do list is becoming a primetime anchor for NBC in Manhattan. She's already acquired their interest. Now all she has to do is deliver on her promise to break the biggest news story in the Northeast by the end of the month. The pressure is on and Ashley knows exactly the story she wants to run: exposing the elusive drug ring that's been terrorizing every major city from Chicago to Boston for the last three years.

Adam Brooks is on the verge of losing his badge. After four drug busts in a row left him without the leads he so desperately needs, and he disobeyed orders on two of those busts, Adam's recently-appointed Lieutenant has a patience that's quickly wearing thin. Consequently, Adam is given a choice. He can either put his life on the line going undercover and bring back the leader of the drug ring, or he can turn in his badge and gun.

Adam and Ashley convince themselves they can do the job. Now all that's left is the nagging what if's. What if Ashley gets caught in her investigation? What if Adam's cover gets blown?

Finding Infinity

Coming in 2023

What would you do if you had the opportunity to leave every dead end road you'd gone down in the past and start over?

Shelby Henderson had given up hope. In her entire twenty-six years of living, despite all her efforts to leave Pittsburgh, she'd only spun her wheels. Desperate to find happiness and a new place to call home, Shelby takes her cousin's advice and makes a spur-of-the-moment decision to uproot her life in search of something that turns her world around and gives her purpose - or as Shelby refers to it, her "infinity."

When monstrous storms cause her flight to reroute and land elsewhere, Shelby meets Tristan Jenkins, a young man from Wales who is traveling throughout the rest of Europe. Tristan and Shelby are both looking for the same thing - a new purpose - and decide to merge their trips and travel together. The pair set out on an adventure to rewrite their destinies... and maybe something more.

Suspect Number One

Coming in 2023

Well-known New York millionaire banker, Steven Rose, has been murdered and it's up to N.Y.P.D. detective Cassandra Rivers to nail the perpetrator. Compiling a list of likely killers, Cassie pins Steven's son as suspect number one.

Being at the focal point of a murder investigation is exactly the kind of publicity that up-and-coming architect, Chase Ford, doesn't want; and he repeatedly denies any involvement in his estranged father's death, despite evidence suggesting that he isn't as innocent as he claims to be.

When Cassie's investigation hits a brick wall, she decides to try a new option and goes undercover as a business owner in need of an architectural genius. If things go according to plan, Cassie is confident that she'll be able to solidify Chase's guilt; but getting close to the handsome and headstrong man without revealing her true identity proves to be a very difficult task.

Cassie is determined to solve Steven's murder, but it's getting hard to focus on work when her suspect is so salaciously captivating.