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Everleigh Ashcroft

The Latest News

A Message from Everleigh About Copyrights

Sunday, May 17th, 2020 | 6:01PM EST


Unfortunately, it was brought to my attention yesterday that an unidentified individual from Nigeria has stolen the content from my novel, Federal Affair, and is posting the entire book on Facebook and WhatsApp. The reader who notified me said this person has been claiming to be the author and giving others permission to use my material elsewhere. I have only been able to locate the posts on Facebook so far on a page titled Kida Library. I contacted the page owner via Facebook Messenger, email, and by commenting on the posts containing my work. I have made it publicly clear to this person that they have taken my work, which I own the copyright to, without my permission, and that they must delete all posts containing my work immediately. Unfortunately, this person simply responded to me with "my apologies" and took no further action.

The posts with Federal Affair's content are still up, along with the complete content from many other authors' works, likely without their knowledge as well. I am absolutely disgusted and so offended by this. This is the first time anything like this has happened to me and I am so fueled by anger at this individual. There's nothing wrong with harmless promotion of a book by an author whose work you like, but DO NOT take content from an author and post it for readers who don't know it's stolen to read for free. Based on how many people have liked and commented on these posts (i.e. read the book for free), I've lost hundreds of dollars in book sales.

So my request to you reading this is to please always notify the author if you see their work being posted in any manner other than where/how the author says their work should be. We publish our books for sale for a reason, and people stealing that content to post it for others to read free is costing us sales, among other things. Every author will absolutely appreciate very much if a reader informs them of something like this. We need to know. And I greatly appreciate the reader who told me.

For those of you asking how you can help in my situation, I'd really appreciate if everyone would find Kida Library on Facebook and blast them with demands to take down their posts including all authors' work which this person was not granted permission to use. And if you are familiar with who the other authors are, please let them know that their work is being stolen.

Thank you,


An Update from Everleigh

Sunday, March 22nd, 2020 | 5:21PM EST


I want to stress a tremendous thank you for all of your unwavering support over the last several months. Since last August, I have dealt with a seemingly nonstop parade of problems - everything from car accidents, to ER visits due to health issues, to a burglary, and now COVID-19 sweeping the nation. It feels like life has been an utter mess, and because of that, my writing has suffered.

Initially, 2019 was planned to be a very productive year for writing. I intended to complete Burning Desire's sequel: The Ties That Bind, and also publish I Did Something Bad. I was avidly working on TTTB up until August when everything went haywire and I put my work on pause to handle everything that was amiss, thinking it wouldn't last long. Unfortunately, I was wrong to assume this, and life has been a rollercoaster of emotions and frustrations each month since. I was excited when 2020 came around because I naively thought that with the change of the year would also come an uptick in good fortune and progress. Instead, my plans for the first quarter of this year were crushed with more unexpected issues and trying to play catchup on many things because of it.

When March began, things were finally winding down and I was feeling better, planning to get back to work on TTTB and get it finished this month. But then COVID-19 hit and all hell has broken loose around my community, which has impacted mine and my family's lives in many ways. I am currently in self-quarantine, trying to use the undetermined amount of time at home to check off my spring cleaning list and also get back to writing. I'm anxious to finish TTTB and proceed to the next project, and I know many of you are anxious for this, too. I'm trying to look at the quarantine in a positive light and make the most of my time, and I definitely expect to have TTTB completed in the coming weeks. I will, of course, keep you updated.

Again, I truly appreciate all your love and reassurance throughout the last several months. Your support has been so wonderful. It means the world to me to know that despite my long hiatus, my readers are still there, patiently waiting. Thank you so very much. Stay safe.

Love, Everleigh 

Sequel to Burning Desire Reveal

Monday, November 26th, 2018 | 10:48PM EST

You loved him in Burning Desire as the sexy, confident love interest of Kate Crawford. Now, Jesse Reese is back with his own standalone - a sequel to the Watty's Longlisted novel, and a continuation of his story! Due to popular demand, The Ties That Bind will have new chapters available on Wattpad right after New Year's! Be sure to add the previewed story to your reading list so you can read the new chapters as soon as Everleigh posts them. 

"After a spicy love triangle ends without him getting the girl, Jesse Reese is left to pick up the pieces of his broken heart and move on. He swears off relationships until he can get his career perfectly on track, blaming his company's falling numbers on his recent lack of focus on work. This only lasts a little while, however, once he meets beautiful, charismatic Vanessa Hamilton, his business partner's newly hired assistant.

There's something familiar about this woman, however, and it doesn't take Jesse long to remember where he's seen her before: The pair mingled on a New Year's Eve flight three years ago and shared a midnight kiss between strangers, knowing they'd never see each other again.

Although Vanessa pretends she doesn't recall the event, saying he must be mistaken - it must've been another woman who looked like her, Jesse is positive that this is the girl from the plane. He doesn't know why she's avoiding the truth, but he makes it his mission to find out. After all, Jesse hasn't been able to erase that kiss from his memory for the past three years. Eternally intrigued by the woman who danced away with his heart in an airport terminal, the longing to taste her lips again is now an overwhelming blaze of need - a fire only Vanessa can put out."

© 2019 Evergreen Books. A division of TimberWolf Media Group. All rights reserved. Warning: This novel contains graphic sexual encounters, strong language, and other mature content. Reader discretion advised.